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ComplimentaryServicesFor injury/re-injuryprevention

Complimentary ServicesPhysiotherapy gets you better. Massageand Pilates insure you remain that way!SPORTS MASSAGESports Massage was originally developed to help athletesperform at their optimal level, to recover from such exertionrapidly, and to minimise the risk of injury. Whilst this stillremains the principle focus of Sports Massage, its ability torelease tight, sore muscles and promote relaxation meansthat a vast array of other groups, such as desk-bound officeworkers and mums-to-be, can also benefit.CLINICAL PILATESBased on the exercise method developed by Joseph Pilatesin the 1920s, Clinical Pilates utilises mat based exercisesadapted by physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patientscore stabilising muscles following injury, and to preventrecurrence of that injury.Clinical Pilates' classes are kept small in order to insure thateach patient is progressed at a speed/manner appropriateto their injury and stage of rehabilitation.TEL: 020 7093 images above demonstrate sports massage and a Pilates pose.