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The Corporate ChoiceWhy businesses choose PhysiotherapyLondon for their employees:SPEEDOur large team, 8am-8pm opening hours, and the speedwith which our Specialists are able to treat, cure andtherefore discharge patients, means we are able to offermore than 80% of patients an appointment within 48 hours.EASERecognised by all the major private health insurancecompanies, including BUPA and AXA PPP, PhysiotherapyLondon facilitates the appointment process by billingan employee's insurance company directly for the cost oftheir treatment.PROACTIVEPhysiotherapy London collects and analyses largeamounts of injury related data, enabling the production ofcompany specific reports as to the types of injuriesemployees are presenting with; thereby identifying issueswithin a business which may benefit from attention andprevention programs. ENDORSEMENTSLondon's leading Orthopaedic Surgeons refer their CanaryWharf based patients to Physiotherapy London for theirpost-operative rehab. Due to the seniority of PhysiotherapyLondon's team of specialists, the clinic provides the clinicalplacements for the Doctors and Physiotherapists onQMUL's postgraduate MSc Degree course in Sport andExercise Medicine.TEL: 020 7093