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Video Motion AnalysisVery few of us are completely symmetrical.In sportsmen, if unidentified and corrected,asymmetries can lead to injury.Physiotherapy London utilises the same 2Dbiomechanical analysis software as that used by UKAthletics, The English Institute of Sport and the BritishCycling team. Live images are captured by multiple camerasas a patient runs on a treadmill, cycles on a turbo trainer,performs a tennis serve etc These images are then feddirectly to the software; which automatically records,analyses and identifies any movement asymmetries. Often impossible to identify with the naked eye, thesetiny movement asymmetries/inefficiencies are the causeof a multitude of sporting injuries. Identifying theseis therefore fundamental to both injury treatment andprevention. TEL: 020 7093 video motion analysis; English Institute of Sport, who also useQuintic software.

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