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3D Foot ScanYour feet are the foundations to your body. As with a house, if the foundations are weak orlopsided, everything above is vulnerable to collapse. It is forthis reason that many leg, and even low back injuries, stemfrom problems with the feet e.g. shin splints, achillestendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ITB friction syndrome, sciatica,low back pain etc.In order to therefore help determine whether a patient'sfeet are the root cause of their leg or back pain,Physiotherapy London uses the TOG GaitScan to measurethe distribution of force through each foot with each step.By constructing a 3D image of each foot, the scan highlightsany abnormalities in terms of foot structure and weighttransference. This 3D image can then be sent directly to a laboratory forthe production of customised orthotics. Orthotics beingshoe inserts which support the natural arches of the feet inorder to prevent the identified abnormal movement andthe disorders/injuries associated with it.TEL: 020 7093 first image above demonstrates how orthotics support the foot; thesecond image is of a foot scan.

Video MotionAnalysisMovement irregularitiesidentified and rectified