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Physiotherapy LondonLondon's specialist physiotherapyclinic; where London's physio elitecome to treat.WHY CHOOSE PHYSIOTHERAPY LONDON?ANATOMICAL SPECIALISATION:The only private physiotherapy clinic in the UK to bestaffed entirely by a team of physiotherapists who havespecialised anatomically: Spinal Specialists, Upper LimbSpecialists, Lower Limb Specialists and Pelvic Specialists.TRAINING ACADEMY:Due to the seniority of Physiotherapy London's team ofspecialists, the clinic was chosen by Queen Mary'sUniversity to provide observational clinical placements forthe Doctors and Physiotherapists on their postgraduateMSc Degree course in Sport and Exercise Medicine.RESULTS FOCUSED:Every patient, on completion of their treatment, is senta satisfaction survey, and the results are published on ourwebsite.HI-TECH:Physiotherapy London's Canary Wharf physiotherapy clinicutilises the latest hi-tech equipment.SPEED:Our large team, 8am-8pm opening hours, and the speed with which our Specialists are able to treat, cure andtherefore discharge patients, means we are able to offermore than 80% of our patients an appointment within48 hours.BUPA & AXA PPPWe are recognised by all the major private health insurancecompanies, including BUPA, AXA PPP, CIGNA, AVIVA etc,and are able to bill insurers directly.TEL: 020 7093

The Physiotherapy London ApproachWe believe that speed of recovery notonly lies in the utilization of evidencebased treatment techniques and innovative rehabilitation, but in theaccuracy of the original diagnosis. Forthis reason, we are constantly investingin the latest analytical equipment (seeHi-Tech info cards) and allow 45minutes for the Initial Assessment.Taking the time to explain a patient's diagnosis is alsopivotal to recovery. We therefore frequently use booksand 3D models to clarify our explanations, whilst alsotrying to help each patient understand what may havecaused their injury, why certain treatment techniques areappropriate, and how to hopefully prevent recurrence.APPOINTMENT:Initial Assessment(45 mins)5-10 mins:Series of questions regarding yoursymptoms (type, history, location,aggravating/easing factors etc).10-20 mins:Series of clinical tests, in which thephysiotherapist stresses relevantjoints/muscles/ligaments in order to discernexactly which structures have been injured.5-10 mins:Explanation of the diagnosis and treatmentplan.Remainder: Treatment, and provision of home/gym-based exercise program if appropriate.Follow-Up (30 mins)5 mins:Enquiring as to the change in symptomsfollowing the Initial Assessment.Remaining:Treatment, and provision of home/gym-based exercise program if relevant. TEL: 020 7093