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Diagnostic UltrasoundDiagnostic ultrasound is not just usedduring pregnancy. It can also be used todetermine the exact location and extentof a soft tissue injury; such as a muscletear, tendonitis etc It can also therefore be used again at the end ofa course of treatment to insure that the injury has fullyresolved; thereby preventing an exacerbation of the injuryby returning to sport too early. IS IT SAFE? IS IT COSTLY?As with foetal ultrasound it is pain free and completelyharmless. And, unlike x-ray, it is able to show images of softtissue (muscles, ligaments etc) as well as bone. As it is quick to perform, an ultrasound scan can be carriedout during your standard appointment time, and thereforedoes not necessitate an additional appointment, oradditional charge.TEL: 020 7093 ultrasound machine; ultrasound scan showing AchillesTendon Bursitis.

3D Foot ScanAre your feet the causeofyour leg or back pain?