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Exercise SoftwareOur aim is to 'Get you better, quicker!',andwhenever possible to try to help you tohelp yourself. Home exercises are thereforean important part of this. However, the exercise demonstrated is not alwaysthe exercise eventually carried out! For this reason, andbecause we want to insure our exercise programs remainfun and innovative, Physiotherapy London utilizes the mostadvanced online exercise software: Physiotec.Physiotec allows Physiotherapy London's specialists to puttogether individual exercise programs tailored to eachpatient's specific needs, with each patient then being senttheir own unique login and password allowing them accessto view video clips of each exercise online. TEL: 020 7093 Login and one of Physiotec's 5000 exercise images and video clips.

DiagnosticUltrasoundAllowing you to seeyour injury