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Cryogenics & Magnetics9MPMS-SQUID VSMThe MPMS SQUID VSM dc Magnetometer offers you ' 10 - 8 emu sensitivity with only 4$second data averaging. By combining the speed of a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer with the sensitivity of a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometer, this system ushers in new levels of performance in magnetic research. In addition, the MPMS SQUID VSM incorporates major advances in data acquisition, temperature control and magnetic !eld control. The$SQUID VSM comes with a standard liquid helium cooling system. $Cryogen$free version available with 4He-based Pulse Tube cooler which eliminate the need for liquid$cryogens.MPMS-SQUID VSM FeaturesData Acquisition - New FastLab data acquisition combines Quantum Design's dc SQUID sensor and time-saving Vibrating Sample Magnetometer technology.Temperature Control - RapidTemp is an innovative temperature control design that allows you to cool samples from room temperature to a stable 2 K in less than 30 minutes.Magnet Control - QuickSwitch offers you the ability to quickly and continuously ramp !eld, stabilize, and acquire data.MPMS-SQUID VSM Options:????????SQUID AC Susceptibility Measurement - 0.1 Hz to 1kHz, sensitivity: 5 x 10 - 8 emu at 0 T????????Ultra-Low Field Capability - ±0.05 G with a 7 T magnet????????Sample Space Oven - increases temperature range to 1000 K"The Quantum Design PPMS has signi!cantly enhanced our research capability"and allowed us to develop new platforms of funding and address a range of scienti!c and engineering problems".Professor Lesley Cohen - Imperial College London

Cryogenics & Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSMs) are the easiest to use and most sensitive vibrating sample magnetometers available. Whether you are measuring magnetic moment and coercivity of thin !lms or studying the magnetic properties of liquids, powders, or bulk samples, the MicroSense VSMs will give you the most accurate magnetic measurements.The MicroSense VSMs are suitable for measuring samples with a very low coercivity as well as samples with high coercivities. The unrivalled real-time !eld control system low noise performance makes measurements possible on samples that cannot be measured in other commercial electromagnet based VSMs, while allowing application of a high saturating !eld in the same measurement.The system noise equals or beats competing systems at any gap and especially at the gaps where most users will use the system most frequently, the noise is considerably lower than the noise of competing systems. This$combined with the larger sample space inside the oven/cryostat systems, the Signal to Noise Ratio is typically 2 to 5 and in some cases up to 10 times$better.The MicroSense VSMs offer a unique Torque magnetometer option for accurate and sensitive anisotropy measurements.All MicroSense VSMs use an ultra low noise air-cooled magnet power supply which is safer and more reliable than most water cooled power supply designs.The powerful EasyVSM software is both easy to use for simple measurements and powerful enough to perform any measurement you can think off.Features of the EV VSMs1 x 10 - 7 emu noiseAutomatic Rotation and Vector5 x 10 - 7 emu noise at gap large enough to !t the temperature$chamber3 systems in one: VSM, Torque and Magneto ResistanceFields to > 3.2 TeslaFast and Easy to use with oven/cryostat always installed on the measurement system and ready$for$useLowest !eld noise: less than 5 mOe RMSAir Cooled Magnet Power SupplyTemperature options from 4.2 K to 1050 KVibrating Sample Magnetometers