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Cryogenics & Characterisation SystemsQuantum Design is the leading manufacturer of user-friendly, automated material characterization systems for the fundamental science research communities. We offer four major product lines with capabilities from 50 mK to 1000 K and magnetic !elds up to 16 Tesla: the Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) SQUID- based magnetometers, the Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) multi-application platform, the VersaLab-free Cryogen-free 3-Tesla Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) and a complete line of Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) sensors and electronics.Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)The PPMS represents a unique concept in laboratory equipment: an open architecture, variable temperature-!eld system, designed to perform a variety of automated measurements. Use the PPMS with options designed for it or easily adapt it to your own experiments. Sample environment controls include !elds up to ± 16 Tesla and temperature range of 1.9 - 400$K. Its advanced expandable design combines many features in one instrument to make the PPMS the most versatile system of its kind. Cryogen-Free Option Available: The Quantum Design PPMS EverCool-II is an exciting cryogen-free enhancement to our industry-leading Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) product line. Available in all new systems, or as an upgrade to your existing PPMS.PPMS FeaturesSealed sample chamber with 2.6 cm diameter sample access.EverCool-II - cryogen-free cooling technology.Versatile sample mounts couple easily to the 12 electrical leads built into the cryostat insert.The PPMS is controlled by the Model 6000, a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled device that eliminates the need to use or purchase external bridges, current or voltage sources, or lock-in ampli!ers.Continuous Low-Temperature Control - maintains temperature below 4.2 K for inde!nite periods of time and offers smooth temperature transitions when warming and cooling through 4.2 K.Temperature Sweep Mode.PPMS Magnet Options????????Select from 7, 9, 14 and 16 Tesla magnets.????????Or order a system with no magnet and add a magnet when needed.????????A split-coil 7 Tesla transverse magnet is also available.

Cryogenics & Magnetics7PPMS DynacoolCryogen-free PPMS Measurement SystemThe popular Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) from Quantum Design is now available in a truly cryogen-free package. The PPMS DynaCool, Quantum Design's latest development effort, uses a single two-stage Pulse Tube cooler to cool both the superconducting magnet and the temperature control system, providing a low vibration environment for sample measurements. Utilizing a new approach to cryocooler equipment design, the PPMS DynaCool employs a unique 4He-based gas "ow control system that gives you the rapid temperature cycling and accurate temperature control that you have come to expect from a PPMS.The PPMS DynaCool also comes standard with an integrated Cryopump used to pump out the sample space to a vacuum of < 10-4 Torr. This makes the PPMS DynaCool compatible with all the available options, or any other user-designed experiments, right out of the box!PPMS DynaCool Features:DynaCool Measurement Options:Sealed sample chamber No need for liquid cryogens????????VSM: 2 × 10 - 7 emu (10 sec. avg.)????????Heat capacity????????Electrical Transport???????? 3He-Refrigerator - continuous operation down to 0.5 K????????Dilution Refrigerator - continuous operation from 4 K down to 50 mK????????VSM OvenTemperature range of 1.9 K - 400 K9 Tesla and 14 Tesla magnets availableControlled temperature Sweep ModeFully automated operation of available PPMS applications/optionsBuilt-in Cryopump for high vacuum applications New electronics built using CAN architecture for improved$reliabilityVersaLabCryogen free VSMQuantum Design introduces its !rst portable, cryogen-free cryocooler-based Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) - VersaLab. With a sensitivity of better than 10-6 emu /&Hz, this 3-Tesla VSM has a temperature range of 50$to$400 K.As with all Quantum Design instruments, VersaLab VSM is a fully automated turnkey system with a user-friendly interface, and utilizes technology developed for Quantum Design's popular Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). VersaLab is speci!cally designed for magnetic characterization up to 3 Tesla and over a wide temperature range without the need of liquid cryogens. Utilizing a new approach to cryocooler equipment design, VersaLab employs a new 4He-based temperature control system and gas "ow technology that eliminates the need for liquid$cryogens.VersaLab FeaturesFree space in the lab because of its compact size and portabilityFreedom from cooling water and high power requirementFree time while the automated instrument performs measurementsA single hardware con!guration for all temperatures, !elds, and magnetic momentFreedom from liquid cryogenVersaLab Options???? VSM: < 10 - 6 emu with 1 sec averaging ???? Electrical Transport ???? Heat capacity ???? Oven up to 1000 K