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page 56!cations:????????Spectral Range: 250 - 1050 nm????????Stray Light: 0.1%????????Resolution: 1.4 nm????????Radiometric Accuracy????????350 - 400 nm: ±5%????????400 - 900 nm: ±3.5%????????900 - 1050 nm: ±5%????????Focal Length: 75 mm????????Dynamic Dark Correction: yes (DSP)????????Non-Linearity Calibration: yes????????CCD Array: Sony 554B????????Temperature Range: 15 - 40° C????????Input/Ouput:????????Extended I/O????????Digital and Analogue????????Signal Processing????????External Sync.????????External Trigger????????Size: 1 - 3/5" H x 5" W x 7" LILT 950 Options:????????INS150 Integrating Sphere 6"????????INS250N Integrating Sphere 10" } Also 2", 4", 12"????????R2 RPS950 Radiance/Luminance Barrel.????????VS950R Radiance/Luminance Calibration from 250 - 1050 nm.????????A706 Spot Finder Light Source????????W4 Mini Diffuser????????RAA2 RPS950 Right Angle Adapter????????ILT900 Input Adapter for !bre optic probes????????VS9 Spectroradiometer Calibration. StandardSpectriLight III - ILT950 Control & Analysis SoftwareSpectriLight III comes as standard with the ILT950 Spectroradiometers. The ILT950 is a high-speed, high-precision spectrometer intended for measuring irradiance in a production/laboratory environment. The ILT950 is calibrated to a NIST standard light source. Colour data is calculated according to the human eye response (CIE$1931) and veri!ed against NIST traceable data.SpectriLight III is a LabView based software package for Windows that allows you to acquire spectral and colour data. Analysis of the data is now calculated instantly within the same program - no exporting required! The NEW version of SpectriLight III provides easy setting of all operating controls of the ILT950 Spectroradiometer with an integrated data analysis package (previously an Excel export module) making your spectral analysis fast and simple. Wavelength range, integration time, scan average and other controls can be easily set through pop up windows, menus and toolbars. Absolute Irradiance and chromaticity are calculated instantly.ILT1700 Research Radiometer20 years of industry-leading accuracy, reliability, and versatility has placed the ILT1700 Research Radiometer at the top of its class in price and performance in any application.With unmatched linearity over a 10 billion to 1 measurement range the ILT1700 Research Radiometer sets the standard for performance and NIST-traceable accuracy. Equipped to handle any application, the ILT1700 comes with an array of advanced features in an easy-to-use package including "ash capability with selectable reverse bias, USB 2.0 output with LabVIEW data acquisition software, RS232C data output, selectable autorange and relative measurement modes, and multiple AC or DC power options for use in or out of the !eld.

Spectroscopy55Features & Bene!ts10 decade measurement rangeLarge array of application speci!c and general purpose detectors (ORDER$DETECTORS$SEPARATELY)NIST-traceable calibration with certi!cate0.1% linearityBuilt-in USB.2 outputBuilt-in RS232-C outputAC or DC power (external or batteries). Built-in NiCad battery chargerAutomatic ranging, zeroing, shutoff, and relative mode (100%)New A803 Multiplexer/DataloggerThe A803 Multiplexer converts the ILT1700 Radiometer into a multi-input data-logging instrument for long-term, continuous monitoring and light measurement data collection from up to eight (8) ILT detectors. Features????????Rapidly change between detectors via software (included) or manually using the active channel$controls????????Record up to 2 billion data points with time and date stamp????????10 Decade Dynamic Range????????Programmable measurement units include lux, W/cm2, Watts, candela and many others????????Remote control of many ILT1700 features including Hold, Zero, DC and Integrate????????Software displays light measurements in real-time????????4-channel option also available