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Spectroscopy51Neo sCMOS cameraApplications????????Live cell imaging????????Super-resolution microscopy????????AstronomyKey featuresBene!ts5.5 megapixel sensorSuperior resolutionDual-gain ampli!ersDynamic range of 30,000:14 GB on-head image bufferBursts of 100 fps at full dynamic rangeiStar ICCD????????Next generation intensi!ed CCD camera????????Perfect match for time*resolved spectroscopy????????Easily integrated with spectrograph range????????Other applications include laser ablation, laser induced "uorescence (LIF) and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)Key featuresBene!ts< 2 ns optical gatingTransient phenomena studyCrop + fast kinetic binningSoftware-customisable binning sequences5 MHz readout platformRapid frame and spectral rates500 kHz sustained photocathode gatingIncreased SNR for high repetition rate lasersBuilt in digital delay generator (DDG)Low jitter and propagation delayX-ray camerasAnd not forgetting our range of VUV, EUV, and X*ray cameras, including 'in vacuum' systems for direct integration of detectors inside vacuum chambers, and 'open*front end' systems for direct attachment to them.Please contact us for more details.SpectrographsThe Shamrock 163(i), 303i, 500i and 750 imaging spectrographs are research-grade, high performance and rugged platforms designed for working with demanding low-light applications, but equally suited to routine measurements.The Shamrock series also boasts a range of highly versatile accessories, including shutters, entrance slits and optical !bres, which are seamlessly interchangeable, and ideal for con!guring your spectrograph to meet your individual spectroscopic$requirements. Light Technologies (ILT) have been the most respected name in precision light measurement for 40 years, continuing to supply quality instrumentation to Universities, industrial research labs, pharmaceutical companies, semiconductor and PC board manufacturers and the automotive and aerospace industries. They are also a leader in UV curing measurement as well as germicidal treatment of air and$water.Light MetersA full line of high precision, con!gurable, digital light meters is available, with a wide-array of detectors to measure visible, UV, and infrared light from almost any type of source.????????Hand-held Radiometer/Photometers????????Benchtop research Radiometer/Photometers????????Spectroradiometers????????Pro!ling Belt RadiometersDetectorsILT have one of the world's largest selections of application speci!c and general purpose pre-con!gured detectors available to complete your light measurement system. All$ILT compatible detectors are "smart" with stored calibration information and programmable features.Types of Detectors available:????????Silicon Photodiode Detectors????????Solid-State/Thermopile Detectors????????Vacuum Photodiode UV DetectorsMeasurement applications include????????Germicidal????????Photometry????????Radiometry????????Solar????????UV Hazard????????Laser????????UV Curing????????Optical Radiation Hazard????????Photodynamic Therapy????????Plant Photobiology????????Phototherapy????????Photostability????????Photoresist????????LEDLight Measurement Instrumentation