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Spectroscopy49SPEQUEST: Quantum Ef!ciency and Spectral Response Characterisation"of Solar CellsIn today's rapidly evolving markets for solar cells, the characterization of the spectral response (quantum ef!ciency) is one of the most important parameters for research and development of new materials and devices but also for production and quality control.Today still 90% of the solar cells manufactured around the world are single junction silicon devices; therefore the layout of a spectral response measurement system is relatively simple and straightforward. However, the most promising research areas focus on different devices and materials, e.g. thin !lm and 3rd generation devices, which require a different layout of a spectral response characterization system.SPEQUEST takes into account the latest developments in solar cell research, the modular and very "exible setup enables quick and simple adaptation to research and production requirements. PHOTOR software allows complete control of the measurement and data evaluation, all calculations are IEC compliant.FeaturesComplete turnkey solution for spectral characterizationModular setup for maximum "exibilityAll types of solar cells:????????polysilicon, c-Si, mc-Si, nc-Si????????III/V compound cells????????thin !lm: CdTe, CIS, CIGS, Si????????3rd generation: organic polymer, dyeSingle and multi-junction devicesSpectral range 250 - 1800 nmVariable white bias lightMulticolour bias lightDC mode option includedMonochromatorLock InI/V ConverterSolar cellReference cellBias lightPHOTORComputer ControlQTH100 WFilter WheelFiberChopperSystem architecture Technology's portfolio of over 80 products continues to enhance scientists' understanding of !elds as diverse as drug discovery, astronomy, medical diagnostics, materials characterization and cancer research.iDus CCD/iDus InGaAs/NewtonApplications????????Fluorescence spectroscopy????????Raman spectroscopy????????PhotoluminescenceKey featuresBene!tsPeak QE of 95% (80% NIR)High sensitivityTE cooling to -100┬░CNegligible dark currentFringe suppressionZero etalonningHermetic vacuum sealSensor integrityiXon3 EMCCDIdeal for low-light level spectroscopy.????????95 % QE and < 1 electron readout noise????????Single photon sensitivity????????Software selectable output-ampli!ers????????Self-calibration of EM gainNewton/Luca EMCCDApplications????????Single molecule spectroscopy????????Bose-Einstein condensate????????Adaptive optics????????Plasma studiesKey featuresBene!ts< 1 electron readout noiseLow noise "oorCamera application "exibilityOperate 'gain off' when signal is highTrue 16-bits digitisationHighest linearity from A/D converterCCD/EMCCD/ICCD Cameras