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Spectroscopy45DescriptionTypes availableFibre OpticsFibre bundles: Quartz / Glass Circular to rectangular Multi-branch Custom (for "uorescence / re"ectance measurements)Large core quartz !bresLiquid light guidesFibre collimating opticsLight Sources for CalibrationPen Ray Line SourcesCalibrated UV-NIR SourcesLight Sources for PhotolithographyPhotoresist Exposure Sources: Illuminators provide beams from 50 x 50 up to 250 x 250 mm²Monochromators and SpectrographsWe offer a range of monochromators and spectrographs with focal lengths from 130 to 750mm,multi-grating turrets, low stray light and wide spectral range (200nm - 3?m)Key featuresFully automated grating controlImage astigmatism correction for CCD integrationUSB 2.0 interfaceLight Sources and MonochromatorsCombine one of our light sources with a LOT monochromator for a fully con!gurable tunable broadband radiation source. Deuterium, xenon and quartz tungsten halogen lamps provide output over a wide spectral region. Mercury lamps provide intense ultraviolet lines which the monochromator selects for luminescence or photochemical studies. Computer control of the monochromators enables programmable wavelength selection.We also offer Monochromatic Light Source Packages, below are some of our most popular con!gurations. Please give us a call if you wish to customise your own package.????????75/150 W Xe Light Source with 150 mm focal length (FL) monochromator????????300 W Xe Light Source with 150 mm FL monochromator????????50/100/150 W Halogen Light Source with 150 mm FL monochromator light sources are specially designed, developed and used to simulate solar radiation. They produce a uniform, collimated output beam with a close spectral match to sun light. We offer several types with different spectra and irradiance output, depending on the beam size and !lters used. We use xenon arc lamps as the radiation source because they provide the closest spectral match to sunlight that is available from any commercial source.Features????????Ef!cient optical design????????One sun (1000 W/m²) irradiance for up to 260mm$x$260mm$!elds????????Different solar spectra obtainable with interchangeable air mass (AM) !ltersAir Mass FiltersAn air mass !lter is used to simulate the irradiance output of the sun for different elevations above the horizon, or conversely the angle of the sun from the zenith. Air$mass values are higher when the sun is lower in the sky. For example, an air mass of 1 is for when the sun is directly overhead and the angle of the sun with respect to the zenith is 0°. An air mass of 2 is for when the angle is 60°. The$extraterrestrial spectrum has a value of 0, because it passes through no air mass.Digital Shutter TimerAll solar simulators are supplied with a digital shutter timer that can be activated from the main control panel or by a 5 V TTL signal via a BNC connector.Nominal Field Size Nominal Working Distance Working Distance (closest) Working Distance (furthest) 50 x 50 mm2 50 mm 0 mm 125 mm 100 x 100 mm2 100 mm 0 mm 1500 mm 150 x 150 mm2 200 mm 50 mm 2000 mm 200 x 200 mm2 200 mm 50 mm 2500 mm 250 x 250 mm2 50 mm 50 mm 3000 mm Please note, maximum irradiance levels achievable at long working distances can be signi!cantly lower than those at nominal working$distances. Solar Simulators