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Spectroscopy43Optical Filters for Fluorescence MicroscopyChroma Technology Corp design !lters for a variety of "uorescence microscopes and applications, including wide-!eld microscopes, confocal microscopes, and applications involving simultaneous detection of multiple "uorescent probes. Chroma specialise in the design and manufacture of optical !lters and coatings for applications that require extreme precision in colour separation, optical quality, and signal$purity: ????????low-light-level "uorescence microscopy and cytometry????????spectrographic imaging in optical astronomy????????laser-based instrumentation????????Raman spectroscopyFilter typeFeaturesWavelength rangeSizesInfrared Filters & CoatingsStandard IR Bandpass Filters available in standard and custom sizes2.4 ?m - 14 ?mDia: (circular)25.0 mmColoured Glass FiltersFabricated from high-quality optical !lter glassExcellent colour consistency as well as sharp contrastDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mm165.0 mmAccessoriesThreaded Filter RingsMotorised Filter WheelsTemperature ControllersEpolite FH-5313 EpoxyHardwood Storage Cases Sources, Monochromators/SpectrographsChoosing the right light source for a speci!c application requires not only a detailed understanding of the application itself but also knowledge of the sample illumination and modern light source technology. With almost 40 years experience in the light source business, LOT has built up an extensive source of technical knowhow and one of the broadest selections of light sources for research, development and$industry.The result is a large range of light sources with an almost unlimited number of choices to optimise the light source for your speci!c application.Light SourcesWe offer a comprehensive line of light sources including xenon and mercury arc, quartz halogen and deuterium (deep UV) for scienti!c applications in the !eld of research and development, production and QC.???? All power supplies have variable current capability???? Packages include all required !ttings and include 2 years warrantyDescriptionTypes availableArc Light Sources50, 75, 100, 150 WCompact 150 W Xe Light Source200, 300, 350, 450, 500, 1000 WArc Lamp Power SuppliesHalogen Sources10, 20, 50, 100, 150 W250, 300, 400 W Halogen Source600, 1000 W Halogen SourceHalogen Source Power SuppliesStandard Light Source PackagesAll systems include the lamp housing, power supply, lamp adaptor, ignitor, all hardware and cables. Deuterium Light Sources30 W Deuterium SourcesDeuterium Source Power SuppliesIR Sources10, 30 W IR SourceAccessoriesRadiant Power MeterPlano-Convex LensesBi-Convex Lenses