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page 56 typeFeaturesWavelength rangeSizesMetallic Neutral density !ltersProvides attenuation with greater linearity over a wide spectral range Reduces thermal effects in low-power laser applicationsDelivers superior durabilitySoda lime glass, fused silica and custom substrates availableSets also availableGlass substrate 350 - 2000 nmFused Silica 250 - 2000 nmDia: (circular)12.5 mm25.0 mm50.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mmAbsorptive Neutral density !ltersIdeal for calibrationSuitable for low-power applications$only Sets also available400 - 700 nmDia: (circular)25.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mmHeat Control FiltersCold mirrors transmit NIR and re"ect Visible lightHot mirrors re"ect NIR and transmit Visible lightTogether they effectively cool high-power illumination systemsDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mmDichroic FiltersProvide sharp separation between transmission and re"ectionSpectrally stable for changing temperatures and humidityAvailable in custom designs Sets also availableVisible 400 - 700 nm approxDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mmEdge !lters VIS-NIRUseful for redirecting a particular band of lightProvide steeper transition than colour glass !ltersSets also available400 - 1000 nmDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mmInfrared Filters & CoatingsIR Windows and Substrates: high optical qualityA/R Coating availableAll substrates optically polishedDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mmInfrared Filters & CoatingsStandard Long Wave Pass Filters available in standard and custom wavelengthsInfrared Neutral Density Filters: Custom substrates availableDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mm

Spectroscopy43Optical Filters for Fluorescence MicroscopyChroma Technology Corp design !lters for a variety of "uorescence microscopes and applications, including wide-!eld microscopes, confocal microscopes, and applications involving simultaneous detection of multiple "uorescent probes. Chroma specialise in the design and manufacture of optical !lters and coatings for applications that require extreme precision in colour separation, optical quality, and signal$purity: ????????low-light-level "uorescence microscopy and cytometry????????spectrographic imaging in optical astronomy????????laser-based instrumentation????????Raman spectroscopyFilter typeFeaturesWavelength rangeSizesInfrared Filters & CoatingsStandard IR Bandpass Filters available in standard and custom sizes2.4 ?m - 14 ?mDia: (circular)25.0 mmColoured Glass FiltersFabricated from high-quality optical !lter glassExcellent colour consistency as well as sharp contrastDia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mmDia: (square)50.0 mm165.0 mmAccessoriesThreaded Filter RingsMotorised Filter WheelsTemperature ControllersEpolite FH-5313 EpoxyHardwood Storage Cases