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page 56 SLM Tunable FiltersSLM Liquid Crystal Modulator ArraysSLM liquid crystal modulator arrays provide independent control of each element in a linear array of 128 or 640 pixels. The single modulator SLM provides adjustment of either phase or amplitude while the dual SLM modulators offer simultaneous control of phase and amplitude. Based on proven industry-leading design it is available in both dual mask and single mask con!gurations for phase control, amplitude control, and phase/amplitude control.????????Exclusive patent for simultaneous phase and amplitude control????????New wavelength ranges????????Improved pixel geometry????????Improved optics alignment and spacing????????Integrated control electronics????????Available in both transmissive and re"ective con!gurationsElectrically Tunable FiltersVariSpec !lters perform like high quality interference !lters with one superior exception - the spectral bandwidth of the light can be controlled electronically. This provides rapid, vibrationless selection of visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths. ????????Solid-state design - no moving parts????????Exceptionally compact form factor with large working apertures????????Continuous wavelength tuning ability across hundreds of nanometers????????Rapid, random-access wavelength selection????????High-speed plug-and-play USB interface with Windows DLL support, LabVIEW and Matlab driversVariSpec !lters are used in general research and as OEM components in instruments serving markets such as biomedical imaging, metrology, manufacturing QA/QC and forensics. They are also used in outer space on the International Space Station.Optical Cryostation The Cryostation is a helium-free 3 K - 350 K optical measurement instrument. With speci!c attention to making the researcher more effective, the Cryostation is the most advanced cryogenic optical measurement solution developed.Please see page 14 for more details.

Spectroscopy41LOT offer a range of !lters suitable for many applications. Established in 1978, Andover Corporation has a well-deserved reputation as a world leader in the manufacture of high quality optical !lters and state-of-the-art coating techniques. Andover manufactures a broad array of standard and custom components including image-quality, narrowband, broadband, and space-quali!ed !lters. Applications include medical instrumentation, "uorescence studies and machine vision.Product rangeFilter typeFeaturesWavelength rangeSizesStandard Bandpass FiltersStabilised to prevent drift of peak wavelength over timeHermetically sealed and protected by an anodized aluminium ring 6, 8 and 12pc Filter Sets available193 nm - 1665 nmDia: (circular)12.5 mm25.0 mm50.0 mm Semi-Custom Bandpass FiltersWavelengths from the UV through the IRBandwidths from 0.15nm - 80nmShort lead time214 nm - 2400 nmDia: (circular)12.5 mm25.0 mm50.0 mm Calibration FiltersSpectrophotometric glass !lters for verifying transmittance and absorption scales Calibration standards traceable to$NISTShipped in a durable aluminium storage caseAstronomy FiltersTwo sets of UBVRI !lters availableIsolate and measure large speci!c bands of light emitted by astronomical objectsUV-NIR300 nm - 1200 nm approx.Dia: (circular)25.0 mm50.0 mm31.0 mm (mounted)50.0 mm (mounted)Dia: (square)50.0 mmPrecision optical !lters and components