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Nanotechnology37Atomic Force Microscope Alpha300 AHigh-Performance User-Friendly AFM for Materials Research, Life Sciences and NanotechnologyThe alpha300 A integrates an AFM system with a scienti!c grade optical microscope for superior optical access and high-resolution sample survey. The inclusion of a special AFM objective allows simultaneous cantilever and sample observation, which provides precise cantilever positioning and rapid alignment. The user-friendliness and versatility of this composite system can bene!t an enormous variety of scienti!c endeavors.The WITec AFM-Objective allows high resolution and simultaneous sample and cantilever view from the$top.All standard AFM modes are supported, assuring the highest "exibility throughout the full range of AFM applications. Whether you work in air or liquid environments, or even with delicate and soft samples, the alpha300 A is ideally suited to the investigation of topographic structures at the highest resolution.Scanning Near-!eld Optical Microscope Alpha300 SReliable and Sophisticated SNOM Imaging - Beyond the Diffraction LimitThe design of the alpha300 S Scanning Near-!eld Optical Microscope features a Confocal Microscope (CM), a Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope (SNOM) and an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) in a single instrument. By simply rotating the objective turret, the user can choose from among Confocal Microscopy, SNOM or AFM.For scanning near-!eld optical microscopy, the alpha300 S uses unique and patented micro-fabricated Cantilever SNOM-sensors that signi!cantly outperform standard !ber optic probes in resolution, transmission, ease of operation and reliability.The cantilever, employing the well established beam de"ection principle for distance control, features a hollow pyramid with an aperture at its apex. This allows topography and optical images to be acquired simultaneously.Typical applications for SNOM are found in materials science, life science, and nanophotonics or nanotechnology.Raman Imaging Upgrade for the Scanning Near-!eld optical Microscope alpha300 SThe Confocal Raman Imaging Upgrade option for the WITec alpha300 S Scanning Near-!eld Optical Microscope allows the acquisition of Raman images from chemical investigations to be linked to the AFM topographic information from the same sample area. No transferring or touching of the sample is required as the two modes are easily accessible by just rotating the microscope turret. Even simultaneous AFM-Raman data acquisition is possible.Alpha 300 AAlpha 300 S Imaging System for Analyzing Chemical and Surface"Structural Properties - Alpha500The Alpha500 allows the use of automated Confocal Raman Imaging and Atomic Force Microscopy on large samples. Various automated functions such as a highly accurate auto-focus for the optical mode, the precise automatic AFM-tip approach, and other specialized software features provide the versatility and accuracy necessary for the systematic and routine execution of extensive and complex measurement sequences. The software supports the user in de!ning the automated measurement sequences.True Surface MicroscopyThis option allows confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography. Confocal microscopy is often desirable due to its suppression of out-of-focus light but can be challenging when analyzing large or rough surfaces. In these cases, only those points that are in focus contribute to the image. True Surface Microscopy follows the surface topography with high precision, so that even rough or inclined samples always stay in focus. To achieve this unique capability, the WITec Alpha500 series can be equipped with a highly precise sensor for optical pro!lometry. The topographic coordinates from the pro!lometer measurement are used to perfectly follow the sample surface in confocal Raman imaging mode. The result is an image revealing chemical properties at the surface of the sample, even if this surface is rough or inclined.Automated Confocal Raman and Atomic Force Microscope Alpha700High-end Automated Surface Inspection Tool for Extremely Large SamplesFor the automatic and comprehensive inspection of extremely large samples with Raman and AFM, the alpha700 is the instrument of choice. The full range of the motorized microscopy stage is 350 x 300 mm in the x and y directions and the sample holder can be individually con!gured to match speci!c requirements providing extensive and "exible sample handling.Raman microscopy is an important technique to aid pharmaceutical development and life sciences in general. We have used a WITec CRM 200 Raman microscope for the past seven years to help our clients understand their products in remarkable detail, often solving problems of a critical nature. The acquisition of a second WITec Raman microscope, the alpha 300 R, underlines our commitment to provide the optimum capability for our clients. our decision to choose another WITec microscope was straightforward based on their continuous delivery of performance, reliability and customer careDr Shen Luk, Molecular Pro!les LtdAlpha 500