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Materials Pro!lersThe Micro XAM-100 Optical Pro!lerThe MicroXAM-100 complements our surface pro!ling portfolio with a research grade, non-contact optical pro!ler. The$MicroXAM-100 is a full-featured white light and phase-shifting interferometer that brings a powerful set of features and capabilities to the general research community. The system provides precise high-resolution, non-contact 3D pro!les on both smooth and rough surfaces. The intuitive user interface allows for a fast learning curve ensuring quick and productive use of$the$tool$in any$environment.FeaturesNon destructive Interferometry250 micron standard Z rangeInstentanious Snap-shot Measurement (< 5 seconds)Full 3D rendering ability with pro!le extraction & stitchingMultiple objectives availableMapping stage availableMeets calculations for roughness, waviness, step height, and$geometryEasy sample navigation using intuitive graphical user interface and video viewApplications:????????Surface Texture????????Biological????????Precision step height????????MEMS????????Surface form????????3D imaging????????Thin !lm stress????????Material CharacterizationAdvanced Analysis with Apex SoftwareSimply the best surface analysis software at any scale. Analyzes 2D and 3D surface data provided by all of KLATencor's surface pro!lers.Advanced imaging of surface topography, coupled with comprehensive visual studies, analyses and reports, helps to eliminate defects and minimize yield-limiting issues. Powered by Mountains Technology from Digital Surf.

Materials Analysis33IBIS Nanoindentation TesterIBIS is a precision nanoindentation tester offering traceable calibration, robust design, closed loop operation, solid theoretical base, and unmatched accuracy, reliability and price. IBIS Nanoindentation Tester is compatible with ISO14577 and a range of models are available to suit all budgets.All IBIS Models come with motorized z axis for automatic"approach:????????Simplus includes a stepper motor driven X stage for unattended operation????????Advantage has XY stepper motor stages and single-lens microscope????????Authority has high resolution DC motor XY stages and 4-turret microscope.All IBIS Models can be !tted with a choice of low load or high load head units. Key FeaturesAutomatic z approachUnattended operationPrecision PZT actuator3 year warrantyReal time force (and displacement) feedbackCompact design, clear span for large samplesClosed loop XY positioning (Advantage$model)Easy indenter changeover (no messy clamps, special tools or service calls)Robust LVDT design can withstand signi!cant$abuseDedicated force sensor separate from load$actuatorOperating Modes????????Nanoindentation????????Partial unload technique????????Multiple-frequency dynamic testing with Fourier$analysis????????Tension/Compression????????Creep Scratch????????Batch (unattended) operationSpeci!cationsHeadModel A - Low LoadModel B - Mid RangeModel C - High LoadLoad range (dual range)0 - 10 mN & 0 - 100 mN0 - 50 mN & 0 - 500 mN0 - 200 mN & 0 - 2 N (5 N max optic)Digital resolution0.015 ?N0.05 ?N3 ?NNoise "oor<0.5 ?N<1 ?N<10 ?NMinimum contact load3 ?N5 ?N0.1 mNDepth Range0 - 1 ?m &0 - 2 ?m &0 - 20 ?m & 0 - 200 ?m(dual range)0 - 10 ?m0 - 20 ?m(500 ?m max option)Digital resolution0.0015 nm0.003 nm0.03 nmNoise "oor0.025 nm0.05 nm5 nmNanoindentation