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Materials Height RepeatabilityA step height repeatability of 6 Å or 0.1% (1s ), a noise "oor below 1nm RMS as measured on the scan stage, and a sub-Angstrom resolution capacitance sensor translates into the most repeatable, and sensitive ultra-thin !lm step measurements, roughness/waviness measurements, and accurate curvature reproduction.Apex SoftwareProcesses over 40 key surface parameters to analyze depth, step height, roughness, waviness, slope, "atness, radius of curvature, stress, bearing ratio, distance, areas and volumes, peak count distribution, PSD, frequency spectrum (and other parameters). Apex provides a suite of !ltering options to analyze surface characteristics with an easy to use report generating format and simultaneous template for post measurement analysis using the same presentation and methodology.Applications:????????Thin !lm step heights????????2D stress of thin !lms????????Thick !lm step heights ????????Dimensional analysis and surface texture????????Photo resist / soft !lms ????????3D imaging of various surfaces????????Etched trench depth????????Flatness or curvature????????Surface curvature and form????????Defect review and defect analysis????????Materials characterization for surface roughness and wavinessP-16 + & P-16 OF+ Surface Pro!lersThe P-16+ stylus pro!ler is a surface metrology analysis solution used in a wide range of applications and industries, from R&D departments and universities to production and process monitoring. This surface analysis solution's precise force control provides excellent vertical resolution, precision, and reliability measurements. This surface analysis solution delivers automated step height analysis, surface contour, waviness and roughness measurements with detailed 2D or 3D analysis of topography for a variety of surfaces and materials.FeaturesExtensive list of standard features including Apex 2D/3D, 1000-site sequence and dual view$opticsAdvanced multi-language Apex surface analysis software for improved user-friendliness and larger worldwide acceptanceOptional productivity package for increased automation and throughput Fast, accurate location of measurement features with minimum operator interventionUnmatched repeatability and reproducibility for reliable measurementsLong-scan capability and vertical range for "exibility in large topography variationHigh resolution mapping stage up to 300 mmOpen Frame version available for "exible substrates

Materials Analysis31Classic Contact Pro!lingOffers long-scan capability up to 200 mm and vertical range up to 1 mm for large topography variations. While scanning, the stylus remains in constant contact with the sample surface by means of a user-speci!ed force. 3D scans can also be generated with lateral line-to-line spacing of 1 #m or larger.Step Height RepeatabilityA step height repeatability of 6 Å or 0.1% (1!) allows the precise determination of step heights, surface roughness and waviness, and curvature. This performance is ensured with ultra-low-noise electronics, and a low-mass, low-inertia capacitive sensor with sub-Angstrom resolution. Variable Measurement Head Con!gurationsAvailable in three different measurement head con!gurations, the Microhead 5 SR offers classical stylus control with programmable force and standard vertical ranges. The Microhead 5 LF low-force measurement head delivers precision measurements on soft surfaces by using sub-milligram forces as low as 0.05 mg, and a lower vertical range. In addition, the Microhead 5 XR provides an extended vertical range of 1 mm and forces as low as 0.5 mg.Top and Side View OpticsAll three Microhead options also offer top and side view optics, allowing the operator to automatically switch between a topdown view for fast stylus positioning and navigating over the sample, and an angled view for easy monitoring of the stylus as it scans over target features.Hardware Stage Con!gurationThe P-16 OF+ version has two additional sample stage con!gurations. The$XLS stage provides full access to a 9.5 x 9.5 inch area and can accommodate square or rectangular samples having a length up to 19 inches. The 300 mm stage con!guration allows full wafer access to 300 mm wafer.Applications:????????Semiconductor????????Optoelectronics????????Material Science????????MEMS????????Data Storage