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page 56 - Leading Edge InstrumentationIn 2007 LOT-Oriel merged with Quantum Design, Inc., a major supplier for many years. QD is not only the manufacturer of advanced material characterization instruments but also runs a distribution network!in!Asia.Today the LOT-Oriel group is one of the most powerful European suppliers of high tech instrumentation, optics and components, manufactured by companies all over the world. A dedicated team of more than 100 highly quali"ed sales engineers, service engineers and clerical staff is supported by state of the art infrastructure in order to provide fast, #exible and reliable service to our customers and partners.About the Quantum Design GroupFounded in 1982, Quantum Design is a privately held corporation that develops and markets automated temperature and magnetic "eld testing platforms for materials characterization. Bene"ting from its depth in instrument design and manufacturing, Quantum Design (QD) has become the leading commercial source for automated materials characterization systems incorporating superconducting technology.In the fast evolving world of scienti!c research it is so important to have access to the latest and most advanced instrumentation. As a researcher you need to be aware of what tools are available to assist in your work. One look through our product guide will give you an insight into some of the most sophisticated instruments available in the market"today.

Contents3Biotechnology04 Biotechnology InstrumentationCryogenics/Magnetics06 Material Characterisation Systems10 Vibrating Sample Magnetometers12 Crystal Growing Furnaces14 Optical Cryostation16 Cryostats17 Helium Reliqui!ersImaging18 Pulsed Thermography21 Infrared CamerasMaterials Analysis24 Spectroscopic Ellipsometers28 Stylus & Optical Surface Pro!lers33 NanoindentationNanotechnology34 Atomic Force Microscopy36 High Resolution Optical and Scanning Probe Microscopes39 FluorometersSpectroscopy40 SLM Tunable Filters40 Optical Cryostation41 Precision Optical Filters and Components44 Light Sources, Monochromators / Spectrographs46 Solar Simulators48 IV Curve Measurement50 CCD / EMCCD / ICCD Cameras52 Light Measurement Instrumentation