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Imaging19ThermoScope II - Low Cost / High Performance IR NDT for in-!eld"inspectionPortability for the !eld - that's the driving force behind the ThermoScope II. Combining "ash heating, image acquisition and analysis this unit allows a single user to perform the inspection with ease and simplicity. ThermoScope II uses patented MOSAIQ software with Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR) processing to provide an unprecedented degree of clarity, penetration depth and resolution for applications in the !eld.FeaturesFast/Real Time InspectionPatented TSR ProcessingLightweightLow CostSingle Operator / Easy to UseEnvironmentally FriendlyWide AreaSafeNon-ContactSingle Side AccessReliable & RepeatableA Complete NDT SolutionVoyage IR - Advanced NDT in a Low-Cost, Portable Thermography"SystemVoyageIR is based on Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR), TWI's industry leading signal processing technique, which allows unmatched sensitivity that is comparable to full scale systems. Its "exible architecture let's you con!gure heat source, camera and signal processing to match your$application.Whether it's impact damage, trapped water, delamination in composites, or corrosion in Al structures, VoyageIR is ready to go wherever you need it. VoyageIR is extremely "exible, and can use alternative heat sources and IR cameras tailored to speci!c application requirements.The system is ideally suited for on-aircraft maintenance applications, such as the detection of trapped water and impact damage in composite structures, and in !eld situations where inspection speed and setup time are critical. VoyageIR allows the inspector to set up the system and perform the complete inspection in minutes, compared to current solutions that are often too large, costly or complex for !eld applications.FeaturesLow CostHandheld OperationData Fusion Integrates UT A-ScanTSR ProcessingEasy to UseSingle Case PackageNDT Data FusionWith VoyageIR's Data Fusion capability, users can "map" the sub-surface characteristics of a part using thermography, then merge the picture of the sample with point data generated by other NDI testing procedures, such as A-scan ultrasound, eddy current, or bond-master. VoyageIR complements the other NDT methods by quickly identifying potential defect zones and combining data to establish a greater level of con!dence. This multi-prong approach helps lower overall cost to maintain and operate critical equipment and establishes a new paradigm for NDT in the !eld. Standard of Excellence for Thermographic"NDEEchoTherm is the system of choice for any tough NDE application - from automated manufacturing to aircraft inspection. EchoTherm provides fast, non-contact, wide area inspection of "at or curved structures, and can measure depth and area of subsurface$defects.EchoTherm de!nes state of the art in IR NDT for manufacturing, R&D and automated inspection applications.FeaturesQuantitative MeasurementAutomation EnabledOpen ArchitectureDigital Data AcquisitionAdvanced Analysis and Processing RoutinesCon!gurable for Use in Factory, Field or LabCompatible With Leading IR CamerasIntegrated with TWI Patented Signal ProcessingLabView, Matlab and Visual Basic CompatibleT3S Thermographic Turbine Test StationComplete Suite of Airfoil Inspections in MinutesTWI's new T3S Thermographic Turbine Test Station performs a comprehensive suite of turbine airfoil inspections in a single, consolidated system.The breakthrough technology platform uses advanced thermography to detect hole and channel blockages, measure TBC wall thickness, detect TBC delamination and detect cracks for land and aerospace based turbine components.T3S can replace many time-intensive inspections currently performed on multiple test$systems.FeaturesSingle test station for multiple applicationsNon-contact inspectionIncreased speed, accuracy and reliabilityComplements other NDE test proceduresDeveloped under NAVAIR STTR