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Cryogenics & Magnetics17Helium Reliqui!ersLOT offers a range of Helium Reliqui!ers which provide ef!cient liquefaction and reliquefaction capacity for many users. These$system provides LHe on demand in a cost effective and automated system.Applications:????????General liquid Helium, supplying Physics/Chemistry Labs????????Medical imaging instrumentation e.g. MEG's, MRI scannersFeaturesConvenient access to LHeLess risk of losing valuable HeliumNon-reliance on external LHe supplyUp to 24 litres per day productionTypical speci!cations:Description>24 litre/day Liquie!er systemAverage Liquefaction Rate>24 litre per day at 50 Hz>24 litre per day at 60 HzTime to Liquefaction<50 hours from room temperatureDewar capacity160 litresLiquid Helium Transfer TubeStandard or made to orderLiquid Helium Level MonitoringIncludedColdhead Maintenance Cycle10,000 hours of operationCompressor coolingWater or air cooledCompressor electrical power200 V AC; 3-Phase; 50/60 HzRecommended Compressor Power Requirement12 kVACompressor power consumptionSteady state: 7.5 kW at 60 Hz 6.5 kW at 50 HzCompressor high pressure linesIncludedCompressor maintenance cycle 30,000 hours of operation (adsorber) ThermographySpeed and precision for non-destructive testing applicationsThermal Wave Imaging (TWI) is the world's leading provider of thermal nondestructive testing solutions to the aerospace, power generation and automotive industries.Whether inspecting the leading edge of the NASA Space Shuttle or performing quality assurance on business jet engine components, TWI addresses the full spectrum of NDT applications. TWI systems have proven to be high-precision, cost effective solutions to the most demanding inspection challenges.TWI products range from portable systems for !eld and in-service inspection to fully automated industrial solutions for quality assurance.AerospacePower GenerationAutomotiveApplicationsDelaminationsPaint ThicknessImpact DamageMoisture IngressVoidsTBC Coating ThicknessContaminationSkin to Core DisbondCorrosionAdhesive BondingThermal DiffusivityPorosityWall ThinningCrack DetectionSpot Weld InspectionWall ThicknessPaint AdhesionFibre Orientation"The TWI ThermoScope system has been the workhorse for our thermographic NDE research at the University of Bath for the last ten years. It has proved to be an excellent reliable and versatile system for gathering thermographic data that has been used successfully by a very wide range of students, research staff and international visitors. It is a very well designed system by a company that fully appreciates the practical requirements of thermographic NDE/NDT."Professor Darryl Almond - Bath University