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Cryogenics & Magnetics11VSM Models available:At 5 mm sample spaceWith gap suf!cient for temperature"controlMaximum Field21.5 kOe17.5 kOeSignal noise (no averaging)1 ?emu2.5 ?emuSignal noise (with 100 averages)0.1 ?emu0.5 ?emuField Resolution:0.001 Oe in the lowest !eld rangeMoment Accuracy:1% when calibrated with calibration sample identical in shape and size to the measurement sampleRepeatability:better than 0.5% at constant temperature and if samples position is not changedApplicationsAudio-, video- and digital storage mediaMagnetic powders and liquidsMagnetic thin !lmsPermanent magnetsMagneto-optical materialsHigh temperature superconductorsMagnetic multi-layer structuresSoft magnetic materialModel 10 VSMMicroSense VSM ModelsVSM ModelMaximum Field (5 mm gap)Maximum Field (w. Temp option)EV72.15 T1.75 TEV92.6 T2.15 TEV113.1 T2.7 TModel 102.2 T2.2 T

Cryogenics & Growing FurnacesHigh-Performance, Compact IR Image FurnaceThe high-performance, compact IR Image Furnace from Quantum Design offers unsurpassed performance in a convenient, stand-alone design. Rivalling much larger and more costly IR furnaces, it uses the Floating Zone (FZ) method to promote single crystal growth from a polycrystalline rod. This method has been shown to be extremely effective for a wide class of materials.Now, more easily than ever before, you have the ability to synthesize superior quality single crystal specimens in your own laboratory.FeaturesUnsurpassed Performance in a Convenient, Stand-Alone DesignEf!cient 2-Mirror Design Results in Less Risk of Multiple Heating$Zones2100° Celsius Temperature in Floating Zone RegionExcellent IR Power StabilityNo External Cooling RequirementsUses Standard "Off the Shelf" LampsIR Furnace MirrorThe Quantum Design IR Image Furnace is Capable of Growing:???? High Temperature Superconductors???? Dielectrics and Magnetic Materials???? Intermetallics???? Metal Compounds???? Semiconductors???? Optical Crystals???? Precious Stones