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Linen manufacturing is a complicated and lengthy process and requires greatskill at each stage of production. When harvested from the field, the fibres ofthe flax plant go through retting and scutching processes to remove the fibrefrom the plant stem before spinning into the yarn. Thomas Ferguson IrishLinen is woven only from the highest quality yarns, spun from the best qualityfibres to ensure that the linen looks exquisite and provides years of satisfactionand service. New designs are turned around quickly using computer aided design systemsand dedicated sampling machinery. Once the designs are approved, they areformatted for the looms. These high-speed computerised looms are operatedunder the watchful eye of experienced weavers - an ideal mix of automationand craft. After weaving, Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen goes through a wet finishingprocess where it is specifically treated for up to six weeks in a process designedto optimise its handling and appearance. Different finishing treatments areused to produce the unique handle, drape and lustre of a fine damasktablecloth or the cool comfort of linen sheets.After undergoing the finishing process, the linen fabric is hand cut andhemmed before being beautifully packaged. The whole process to craft anindividual piece of Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen can take upwards of 3 monthsfrom the yarn to a finished woven tablecloth. This is on top of upwards of a 12month process through which the fibre has travelled from being planted as aseed in the field to being spun into a yarn. "Today we face the paradox, that at a time when the world is concernedabout the enviroment, our natural products are more and more beingreplaced by synthetic substitutes. In spite of their attractive appearance and functionality, they carry the difficulty of disposal and long term damage to theenviroment. Irish linen is a truly natural and sustainable product which iscompletely biodegradeable and during its processing, gives little or no wasteTHOMAS FERGUSON IRISH LINENFROM FLAX TO LINENPAGE No. 2THE ENVIROMENTmaterials.""Ref 875 Linen Damask Colmcille design"