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The sails of the clipper ships were made from flax. Linen is the strongest natural fibreknown to man, and of all textile fibres, is the one which washes best. Irish Linen oftenbecomes a family heirloom as it wears extremely well and is able to maintain its specialqualities throughout its long life. Linen will remain in pristine condition for years, withnormal household use, provided a few simple rules are followed. Linen increases in strength when wet, which is why it stands up to the rough and tumbleof repeated laundering so well. Commercial soap powders and liquid detergents can besafely used but as with all other textiles, always test for colour fastness. Avoid detergentswhich contain Optical Brightening Agents (O.B.A.) as they may cause colours to alterslightly and will detract from the appearance of the subtle white linen damask pattern.O.B.A. is particularly deleterious to natural unbleached linens. Bleach is the worst enemy of any natural fibre and must not be used as a cleansing agentas misuse can significantly degrade and weaken the fibres. Be careful in choosing yourlaundry, as poor laundries may cut corners by using bleach in too high a concentrationto help whiten the laundry. Due to its sheen and smooth surface, linen releases stains easily, although it is advisableto work on very stubborn stains before washing. The following washing cycles can be used:1.White linen articles without special finishes may be washed at 2.Linen without special finishes, where colours are fast at 60°C, at (For 1 and 2 above wash is generally sufficient). 3.Linen where colours are fast at 40°C but not at 60°C should be washed at 4.Fine hand-embroidered linen needs to be treated with care and should be hand washed or machine washed at Never tumble-dry linen as this can over-dry the fibres and make ironing more difficult.Linen naturally dries quickly anyway. Always iron linen when damp, first on the wrong side to eliminate creases and then onthe right side if you wish to enhance the fabric's natural sheen. There is no need to usestarch except perhaps for the finest linens, for linen has built-in crispness. If the linen hasalready dried out before ironing, use a water spray to re-dampen it. A good steam ironwill work best on linen.Remember you do not have to save Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen for 'Best'. ThomasFerguson Irish Linen articles can take any amount of washing and keep coming up formore. They thrive on regular use and regular laundering.STORINGThomas Ferguson Irish Linen is naturally mothproof safely stored under normalconditions. Slatted shelves will allow air to circulate. Avoid cupboards with heating pipesrunning through them or cedar linen chests, as these can discolour linen. If by mischanceit does become discoloured, wash as soon as possible and dry in the sun to whiten again.CARING AND STORINGPAGE No. 27

1.This contract contains the entire bargain between us and in the case of any inconsistency between these terms and the terms of any other contract documents sent by you to us (whatever their respective dates) in respect to the goods, these terms shall prevail. These conditions shall apply except as may be expressly agreed by us in writing. Any concession or waiver made by us at any time shall not prejudice the exercise of our rights hereunder. 2.We warrant that, save as otherwise herein specifically provided, the goods will accord with our contract specification and will be of sound materials and workmanship. Reasonable variation in thread counts, strength, weight, width, shrinkage, shade, colour fastness and fluidity shall be allowed. Unless stated on the contract, we shall be deemed not to be aware of any special purpose for which the goods or any product made therefrom is required. If any special characteristics are required in the goods they must be stated on the contract. Any samples supplied by us to you are so furnished only to give an indication as to the quality of the goods. We do not warrant that the samples will accord with the contract specification or that the goods supplied will accord with the sample. 3.a)Delivery date(s) means date(s) upon which the goods are ready for despatch to the point of delivery specified. b)All deliveries must be taken up by the final delivery date stated in the contract. c)The promised delivery date specified is a genuine forcase in the light of current conditions but it is given without legal commitment and we accept no liability if in the event we are unable to meet it. 4.We will endeavour to supply the exact quantities of goods ordered but unless otherwise specifically agreed: a)the total quantity shall be subject to a tolerance either way of 10% and you will pay for the actual quantities of goods delivered. b)the indicated piece lengths are given as a general indication but without legal commitment. 5.a)In the event of our costs increasing between the hereof and the actual date of delivery owing to wars, Queen's enemies, defence measures, imposition of new customs, excise or other duties or taxes, or increase of customs, excise or other duties or taxes, increase in the cost of raw materials or labour, scarcity of labour or any other cause whatsoever, the price at which your order is booked may be deemed to be increased in respect of that portion of the Order which is undelivered on the day when written notice of such increase in costs shall be given by us to you. b)In the event that you fail to take delivery of any part of the goods in accordance with Condition 5 (a) above, we shall be entitled by notice in writing to you to increase the price of the goods remaining undelivered to our standard price or prices ruling on the actual date of delivery. 6.a)If events beyond our reasonable control prevent us from delivering any goods by the appropriate date, such date shall be postponed for a reasonable period. Beyond such period we may, without liability, cancel this contract as regards such goods, unless the products either have been, or are in the course of being made, or have been appropriated by us to this contract. b)If, by reason of any such circumstances we are prevented from supplying you with the full quantity of the goods delivered under this contract and also at the same time maintaining if full our other business then we shall be at liberty to withhold, reduce, or suspend deliveries to you to such extent as we shall consider reasonable and equitable in all the circumstances. c)We shall give as much advance notice as possible of any proposed action by us under paragraph (a) or (b) above to enable you to make alternative arrangements for the purchase of the goods during the period of reduced or suspended delivery, and in this event you will be free to purchase from other suppliers your requirements of the goods to make good your anticipated or actual deficiency but we shall not be bound to acquire by purchase or otherwise additional quantities of the goods from other suppliers. CONDITIONS OF SALE