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APLAIN LINEN REF. 8/3A collection of runners, napkins and placemats featuring wonderful widehemstitched borders. Available in Natural or White. PLAIN LINEN REF. 8/8Tablecloths, napkins and placemats which can be made to measure and dyedto shade using our à la carte service (minimums apply). Available in Naturalor White as standard. Variety of hem options including plain hems, corded orhemstitched. Threads: 76 per sq. inch, 30 per sq. cmWeight: 6.33 oz per sq. yd, 215 gms per sq. mPLAIN LINEN REF: 012This is the finest of our Plain Linens for the table and comes in White. Cutfrom a super wide fabric, tablecloths up to 300 cm wide are available.Ecclesiastical Linen - linen fabric as described above is widely used asaltar cloths, purificators and so on. Virtually any size can be supplied. Threads: 112 per sq. inch, 44 per sq. cmWeight: 4.70 oz per sq. yd, 160 gms per sq. mTHOMAS FERGUSON IRISH LINENTABLE LINENPlain Linen CollectionsPAGE No. 20

PAGE No. 21A.Design: Plain Linen Ref. 8/3.Hem Option: Wide Hemstitched.B.Design: Plain Linen Ref. 8/8.Hem Option: 2 Row Cord.C.Design: Plain Linen.Ref. 8/8. Hem Option: Hemstitched.D.Design: Plain Linen.Ref. 012Hem Option: Hemstitched.E.Top stores, hotels and restaurants all over the world are customers of Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen.Photograph courtesy of Mr Chow Restaurant, Los Angeles, USA.BCDE