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"To weave a superb Linen Damask, it is essential to use a superb raw material - pure natural linen yarn, spun fromthe harvest of the flax plant into lone, fine, strong fibres. Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen operates the latest in weavingtechnology - electronic jacquard looms, which can weave almost three metres wide. The high speed looms areoperated under the watchful eyes of experienced weavers. This gives us a perfect balance of human and mechanicalknowhow. Conditions in the weaving shed must be closely monitored. Temperature and humidity are almost constant,both being very important with regard to quality control. Linen is actually stronger when wet than dry, and so it isimportant that the fine yarn is as strong as possible when being woven. This is a characteristic, which gives linen itslegendary staying power. While other fabrics are weaker during the laundry process, linen is stronger and thereforethrives from being washed.ESTABLISHED 1854

PAGE No. 1Thomas Fergusonis synonymous with high quality linenand is widely acknowledged to be the finest linen Jacquard weaver inthe world. This reputation for quality has been developed throughmany generations of dedication and skill and owes much to theCompany's rich heritage. Founded in 1854, the Company has beenweaving Irish Linen for 150 years. If you want to be part of the rich heritage of Irish Linen and ownyour own piece of quality and history - remember it has to be wovenin Ireland to be genuine Irish Linen. So always ask or look out for theIrish Linen Guild symbol. You can be assured that Thomas FergusonLinen Damasks are all woven in Ireland.Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is dedicated to maintaining itsreputation as weaver of the world's most prestigious fabric throughcontinual investment in the latest design, I.T. and manufacturingtechnology, staff training and development, whilst never forgetting ourcraft roots. In keeping with our international reputation for quality, ThomasFerguson is accredited with the Quality Assurance Standard BS ENISO 9001. The Company is a member of the Irish Linen Guild.