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FINE LINEN DAMASK - BISTRO COLLECTION REF. 875Popular collection of contemporary fine linen damask including placemats,napkins, tasselled runners.A. Design: Heritage (shown left)B. Design: Kildare (shown below)C. Design: Shannon (shown below)Threads:160 per sq. inch, 63 per sq. cm Weight:5.96 oz. per sq. yd, 210 gms. per sq. mTHOMAS FERGUSON IRISH LINENPAGE No. 11TABLE LINENFine Irish Linen Damask CollectionsCB

THOMAS FERGUSON IRISH LINENTABLE LINENFine Irish Linen Damask CollectionsPAGE No. 12FINE LINEN DOUBLE DAMASK REF. 975Choose from: Fine Scroll, Chrysanthemum, Satin Band, Filigree, Plain, Celticand Shamrock.With over 200 threads woven into every square inch, Linen Double Damask isa world renowned fabric made by master weavers. Linen Double Damask is extremely high quality linen, with a unique weave,producing greater design definition and allowing a more intricate pattern.Using very fine yarns as well as a greater number of threads in the weft than thewarp, the fabric is tightly woven with more yarns in each square inch. Thomas Ferguson is the world's only manufacturer of the superior qualityDouble Damask Linen.BCA